Leaders will be staying at Hotel Hellsten (Luntmakargatan 68) and contestants will stay at Rex Hotel (Luntmakargatan 73).

Keep in mind that the weather most probably will be unpleasant (i.e. cold and rainy) so dress accordingly.

The currency of Sweden is the krona (SEK), and 1 EUR is roughly equivalent to 10 SEK.


The following organizations generously support the contest:

  • Centre of Mathematics, Lund University
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers & Gothenburg University
  • Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University
  • Faculty of Science, Gothenburg University
  • Department of Mathematics, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Linda Peetre’s Foundation
  • Department of Mathematics, Linköping University
  • Oscar & Maria Ekman’s Foundation (Carnegie)
  • The Programme for Engineering Mathematics, Chalmers Institute of Technology
  • The Programme for Engineering Physics, Chalmers Institute of Technology
  • Stockholm Mathematics Centre
  • Department of Mathematics, Stockholm University
  • The Foundation for Scientific Research and Education in Mathematics (Svefum)
  • The Swedish Foundation for Strategical Research
  • The Swedish Mathematical Society
  • The Swedish Ministry of Education
  • The Wenner-Gren Foundations

Organizing committee

  • Veronica Crispin Quinonez
  • Susanne Gennow
  • Alex Loiko
  • Rebecca Staffas
  • Paul Vaderlind (chairman)
  • Mårten Wiman
  • Qimh Xantcha

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on